Start Early - Kids Yoga in Early Childhood

Frederick Douglass said that “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

As a Yoga teacher for many years I’ve heard my adults students said “I wish I started Yoga earlier!”

Have you ever had the same thought? I‘ve definitely had.

Many kids are spending a lot of time at childcare centre. It is the perfect place to start introducing Yoga to the little ones. Early childhood is a crucial time for children to set up the foundation for their future.

So what are the benefits that your children will get from practicing Yoga?

Here are 7 benefits of Kids Yoga

1. Kids Yoga increases children’s body awareness and mindfulness.

Yoga poses vary from balancing, strengthening, twisting, back bending, and inverting. All of these poses have the ability to teach a child about their body. Yoga teaches children to listen to where in their bodies they feel a movement and express how it makes them feel when they are complete. Body awareness is an invaluable tool for all stages and ages of life.

Kids Yoga Mindfulness Meditation twist

2. Kids Yoga develops children’s strength and flexibility.

Children are born with an innate flexibility and yoga poses help to prolong this gift. Poses like Warrior One and Two aids in developing strength in their growing muscles and bodies while Cobra pose helps maintain the flexibility in their spines by extending them. Strength and flexibility allow for fewer and less-severe injuries, especially when children are engaged in sports, playground activity or sitting for too long.

3. Kids Yoga enhances children’s concentration and memory.

In children’s yoga classes, some poses are fast moving while others are slow paced. This allows children to learn self-control, enhancing their focus and awareness.

4. Kids Yoga helps balance children’s energy levels and calms their nervous system.

Poses like twist helps stimulate the spinal cord and regular practice of relaxation. All yoga classes conclude with a quiet time, also known as Deep Relaxation. Even if just for three minutes, children learn to understand the importance of this peace and can carry it with them into their daily lives.

5. Kids Yoga keeps children’s heart and respiratory system fit and strong.

It encourage better circulation by getting the heart pumping and using more of the space in the lungs with deeper breathing. The breathing exercises and relaxation techniques learned from practicing yoga can also help children with stress management. Teaching children how to reduce stress in a healthy way is an important life skill that will help them as children and as adults.

6. Kids Yoga encourages Kind Peer and Social Interactions

Yoga teaches children that we are all the same inside, despite our outward appearance, race, and religion.

We all have bodies that function, hearts that love, and brain that think and feel. Yoga inspires kids to be kind, patient, accepting, and emphatic with themselves and their peers.

7. Kids Yoga boost children’s confidence

When a child displays great strength, focus, and flexibility in Yoga, it does wonders for their confidence. A successful Crow Pose takes focus and strength, which leads them to believe in and pursue their true abilities. Yoga success grants children persistence to achieve greatness as they embark on all of life’s adventures.