Ying Bean

Little Yogi Founder

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As a fully qualified yoga teacher and a mother of two with a certification in Early Childhood Teaching, Ying is passionate about introducing children to yoga and mindfulness. After completing Zenergy Kids Teacher Training Courses with Loraine Rushton in 2014, Ying chose to focus on teaching kids yoga - building her skill in holding a calm and explorative space for children to learn. That, combined with almost ten years of experience working in the early childhood industry and through raising her two boys, has allowed her to discover how best to connect with children, educate them and allow them to feel supported in practice. Ying’s aim through teaching is to allow children to find both physical and mental clarity through yoga. By supporting children and helping them to work inwardly on the principle of mindfulness, Ying helps her students incorporate the practice of yoga not just on the mat but throughout their young lives.